Superfood Plaza Aruba

Superfood Plaza Aruba

Aruba’s largest and most popular super market.  More than food, located in the same plaza are smaller stores such as seafood, perfume, cosmetics and department store upstairs. Plenty of parking, though it does get busy at times.

If you want frozen or fresh food, you will find it here. They have the largest selection of cheeses I have ever seen in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables.


There is a wide variety of foods from all over the world, you can find your Dutch novelty foods right next to the American ones.

There is also a cafeteria for those who wish to get a quick bite to eat.  They have their own bakery, fresh fish and meat section, as well as a wine and liquor store attached.  Just remember to bring your own shopping bags, as the Aruban government banned them years ago.  There are some for sale at the check out counters, but best to bring your own so you don’t spend more than you need because it is not the cheapest market, but it is the best.  The market is clean and very well run.

The pricing is in both Aruba Florins and American Dollars.  This can be scary at first glance, because a bottle of Coca-Cola looks like it is almost $5 but if you look at the smaller print you will see its much closer to what we Americans expect at about $2.75.

You are going to find all the items you need here from soap and cleaning supplies to cosmetics, beer, wine, and of course food of every kind, from fresh to frozen, prepared and on the go.  It is probably my most favorite supermarket in the world I have visited. Here in the USA the only thing that would come close would be something like Whole Foods, but with a lot more variety.

Bubali 141-A, Noord, Aruba
Phone: +297 522-2000 Fax: +297 587-7078 Email:
Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 8am – 8pm / Sunday: 9am – 6pm



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