Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge

Aruba’s island as small as it is has two very different coasts. Along the southern coast it is all Dushi trees and beautiful beaches. On the opposite northern side it has a lot of barren coast, rocks, cactus (cacti) and some mountains.

If you are renting a car, keep in mind most rental agreements have terms that there is no off-road use.  While some of the one mile stretch from the paved road to the bridge has flat roads, a lot of it is dirt, rocks and you will have to do a minimum speed, just idling to get to this natural wonder.

There is a rest stop for food, snacks, restrooms, unfortunately we did not get a chance to even peak in.  The dark clouds moved in a lot faster than anticipated and soon it was raining pretty hard.  We made a dash for the car and went on our way.  I did see the longest rainbow ever. While they are usually a perfect arc, this one was very very long and narrow over the sea.

The rocks can be dangerous because they are so sharp.  There are plenty of signs stating not to go on a certain point but people do.  One slip on these rocks could land you some nasty cuts and you possibly might need some stitches, or medical attention at the very least.

It is a very beautiful part of the world nonetheless, its breathtaking in fact.  You look out though the northern part of this small island nation and you see nothin but the most beautiful dark blue waters.



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