Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q: Is Aruba an island, a country, or protected territory? 

A:  Aruba is all of these. It is a Caribbean island nation protected by the Dutch.  It was claimed by Spain in 1499, later taken by the Dutch, but gained its independence in 1986.

Q:  What language do the people of Aruba speak?

A:  Aruba’s educational system require all people to speak English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamento.

Q:  What unit of money does Aruba use?

A:  Aruba uses the Florin or the US Dollar.  Often you will see both prices listed on an item in the supermarket. If a price seems high, just ask if that is in Florins or US Dollars.  Keep in mind that the US Dollar buys almost twice as many Florins. For example, if you see a bottle of soda like cola for $5 Florin, that is about $3 American dollars.

Q: What is the weather like? Are there seasons? 

A:  Aruba’s weather is fairly consistent throughout the year. 80-90F is common and even during the hurricane season of the other Caribbean islands Aruba is generally safe because it is below the hurricane belt.  It does tend to get more breezy in March, but you can expect sunshine every day. When it does rain, it is usually for less than an hour and dries up quickly since Aruba is a desert island with an arid climate.

Q: Are there any odd or specific laws a foreigner should be aware of? 

A:  In November 2017 Aruba banned the use of mobile, cellular and smart phones while driving or operating a vehicle. While this might not be news to many people in the United States, it is a new law in Aruba which carries a heavy fine of $300 US dollars.