New Security Measures Entering Aruba

New Security Measures Entering Aruba

New security measures to enter Aruba were announced by the minister of justice during a press conference.  These new measures will facilitate the protection of the islands frontiers from visitors who overstay and violate the laws. He plans to implement an advanced info passenger system, which allows the local authorities to get more information about passengers on a plane, if necessary.

As of March 1, 2018 a new Interpol department will be opened in Aruba. Interpol is the world’s largest international police organization, with over 192 member countries. Aruba will collaborate with Interpol by linking to their database, to collect information about travelers who are wanted  internationally by the police or government.

A new “ESTA Aruba” system will also be implemented in the following months. The new system allows local authorities to review a travelers background information in real time. It facilitates the process of screening, approving and denying travellers entry to the island. The new system will be rolled out in short period of time, for certain countries.

Further details about ESTA Aruba, in regards to who, how and when the form needs to be filled will be announced by the minister during a next press conference.


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