Ebola & Zika, Etc. Travel Scares

Ebola & Zika & Other Travel Scares

Ebola Virus at 108,000 Magnification
Ebola Virus at 108,000 Magnification

I never want to make a joke of anything which seriously is a threat to human life or safety.  And, the news and media in the USA has the obligation to inform the public of any threat to human safety and welfare.  However, as always, they have a way of preying on the fears of people who do not have all the facts to rake in ratings.  About a year ago it was Ebola dominating the news.  This year its Zika.  Does anyone remember the West Nile Virus?

Thanks to the internet, I did some very basic research online, and 10 minutes later I did the math.  And, my math sucks, always has.  But even I can digest this easily:  The 3 countries in Southwest Africa combine have a population of about 30 million. The population of the USA is 300 Million. That means even if 100% of the people from this region of Africa are infected with ebola & FLYING to USA, still means 1 in 10 MIGHT catch it – but 30 million people from Southwest Africa ARE NOT flying to USA. I am guessing you have a better chance at winning the powerball lottery before getting ebola.

Alert the media who are blowing this out of proportion. This is NOT to say that we should not be cautious, but a full lockdown of airspace and all this why paranoia is something the media I WISH would report on as much as the overall limited threat.  The media, whether from the right, left, middle, or even outer space, have an OBLIGATION to report this as much as the hysteria they are creating.

Yes, this must be reported.  But what happened to the other 90% side of the story, has it become all about ratings and nothing else?  Have the people that previously informed and tried to protect us now become a source of ratings so we tune in to see the latest report as to this crisis?  Really.  I wish there was some integrity still left in news reporting, unfortunately it is whatever pulls in ratings.  And the injustice comes to the tourism industry because of the mere mention of such diseases.

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