Cell Phones Banned While Driving

Cell Phones Banned While Driving

We personally witnessed this today. A driver get out of the car while still talking on the cell phone and asks the police what he is doing wrong and why he is being stopped. I intentionally blurred this photo out as much as I could should the driver be found not-guilty, however, it was almost comical that the driver is asked to step out of the car and he gets out of the vehicle while still on the phone seemingly annoyed that he is being stopped.  While it might not be the law everywhere, for many years now it has been a law in the USA (if not common sense) that you should not be talking on the phone while driving. The fine is stiff, it is about the same as in the USA.

Here is a current news post from Vacations by Aruba courtesy of Angelo Limon:

The government officially bans the use of cellphones while driving in Aruba on November 1, 2017. Not only for driving cars, but any motorized vehicle, utv, atv, motorcycle, trikes and scooters – anything with an engine basically!

Law breakers are going to be fined $290 on the spot. This time the police aren’t joking around, because word around the island is they fined over 30 people already since the beginning of the month. The new law counts for locals as well as for visitors. That’s a lot of money to be dishing out for using your cellphone in Aruba while driving. It can be spent on other excursions and fine dining on the island.

If one causes an accident because of being distracted by a phone, they can expect a higher fine up to $6000.00 or even jail time, depending on how severe the accident is.

You may be asking, can you use “hands free calling in Aruba”? The answer is simple, if the police notices that you’re not paying attention while you’re driving, because you’re using cell phone it will count as a traffic violation.

So put down the phone and pay attention to traffic while driving in Aruba.

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