Bushiri Beach

Bushiri Beach Aruba

There’s a new beach to explore in Oranjestad.  It’s a beautiful bay called Bushiri, a wide space that was created after an abandoned hotel was dismantled.

Bushiri Beach Resort opened its doors over 36 years ago, and was the first and only all inclusive resort in Aruba. It was a beautiful beachfront resort featuring 155 rooms, swimming pools, jacuzzi’s, fitness center, two bars and a popular restaurant at that time called Tabasco.  It was the first all inclusive and very vibrant resort in Aruba.

It then it stood there for years, falling apart day by day until it fully deteriorated to the elements of time, wear and weather for over a decade.  While there were plenty of plans to invest money, renovate, and create a new hotel, none of it was ever realized.  The government of Aruba finally approved its dismantlement in 2016.

The dismantlement of Bushiri Resort was a historical moment. It took several months to completely bring down the resort. Some of the materials from the deteriorated building were salvaged and will be recycled and re-purposed.

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