Baby Beach

Baby Beach

Baby Beach is one always rated one of the best and most beautiful beaches in Aruba and even in the world. Even when you are finally driving from the most popular part of the island, once you finally get there it is breathtaking. While it is less than 20 miles long, just like the island of Manhattan, it can take you nearly an hour to get to its most southern point. In this case it took us about 45 minutes even though it was about 15 miles.  The speed limit is slow, but even if it were fast, with one lane and moderate traffic, it still will take you at least 40 minutes from Eagle beach which is about in the center of the south west side of the island.

It is a very small beach, but the good news is it is not heavily populated. It is a place for couples, newlyweds or families who prefer a much quieter beach that is somewhat secluded.

Honestly I have not seen such a more beautiful spot.  The cactus overlooking the crystal clear aquamarine waters was nothing I have really ever seen. I’ve been to plenty of beaches, but none as beautiful as this.  Even though it was pouring raining all night and most of the morning, it was still beautiful while it was overcast with many clouds.  This was probably a good thing because I came back very red though we were there only a couple of hours. You can burn very easily here even if your skin is not dark. The sun is very strong here.

One drawback is that it is not very public and there is only one set of restrooms which you have to walk to.  The one time I went to use it because I knew it would be an hour before I returned to where we were staying, there was no running water to wash your hands nor to flush the toilet. Ironically there was a single lit candle in the stall and a can of Glade air freshener. No paper towels or running water, but yet a single lit candle which I am sure was a fire hazard in such a small closed unattended space. Thankfully it was a routine trip to the restroom, so hygiene was not a major issue.  I am a germaphobe, so I went back to the beach to rinse my hands in the beach water just in case.

The other issue is, if you even wanted to use this restroom you had to get a ticket “ADMIT ONE” from the bar if you bought a drink.  We got 2 Cokes and a Cocktail (Coco Loco) and it was $17.  Not outrageous for the soda, but for the cocktail it resembled nothing as it was listed in the ingredients on the menu for $10.  So, if you do go, just remember to either pack your soda first, or plan on just ordering a bottle beer if you wish to use the restroom while you are there.

If you desire a cocktail, consider ordering a bottled beer first. For $10 the Coco Loco simply tasted like a fruit juice with no rum and just loaded with ice. This is the problem with a one-bar beach, you are subject to drink whatever they have to order at the price they command.  Pack your own drinks, or simply order beer or canned soda instead, this is not the place to have drinks unless you order straight vodka or whiskey.

I personally love the Flintsone’s theme, even the waiters are dressed in the attire. It is a favorite from my childhood and I could not resist taking photos next to the iconic stonemobile or their pet Dino the dinosaur. Everyone is photographing themselves next to it. Its great fun.

I cannot comment on the food since we just had a fantastic breakfast up at Linda’s Pancakes in Palm Beach. This is something to see for sure, just as long as you pack your own cooler and plan on buying at least one soda in order to use the restroom.

As a side note, my brother-in-law hit his head hard while standing up from under a low tree.  He had a bump, just a drop of blood, but I went to go get ice from the bartender.  I lied and told her that my wife bumped her head (hoping for more sympathy) and I needed some ice, somewhat annoyed, she handed me three 1″ square cubes and went back about her business though it was not even crowded.  I swiped a plastic cup from behind the bar just to carry it back a few hundred feet so it would not melt in my hands.

I totally get that they need to charge the prices they must to pay the rent, however, it should at the very least be served with a friendly smile and at the very very least, include all the ingredients listed on the printed menu.

This is no way to detract or distract from the very beautiful part of the world, just remember you are basically on your own unless you like high priced food and drinks if you want to use a restroom and/or your lodging is close enough to not have to use a restroom.


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